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Multi Speciality Homeopathic Centre
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Some Cured Cases
Acne - Arthritis & Joint pains - Asthma - Bed
wetting - Child development disorders - Colds,
Allergies, Sinusitis - Depression & Stress - Ear
sounds and infections - Eczema & Skin allergies
Epilepsy or fits - Eye: Chalazion or Cyst, Early
Cataract - Hair Fall &Dandruff - Hives or Urticaria
Hypertension &Diabetes - Kidney &Gall stones -
Menstrual irregularities, Fibroids &Ovarian cysts
Migraine headaches - Piles, fissure-in-ano,
fistulas - Prostate enlargement - Psoriasis -
Ringworms - Sciatica & Back pains - Sleep
disorders - Spondylitis & Neck stiffness
Tonsillitis & Sore throats - Vitiligo or Leucoderma
Warts, Corns andMolluscumContagiosum...
Eye cyst or Chalazion:
Repeated cysts on the eyelids
can be cured in children and
adults without surgery.
Hair Fall & Alopecia:
Regain of lost hair is
completely possible within a
period of 3-4 months.
Warts (skin tags):
Can be completely and
permanently cured without any
skin scarring or discoloration.
Can be cured and/or
controlled in most cases,
whether new or chronic, and
relief from itching achievable.
Vitiligo or Leucoderma:
Re-pigmentation and reversal
of the condition can be
achieved in a large number of
Eczema in children:
Atopic eczema can be cured
and/or controlled and itching
and flare-up can be
significantly relieved without
side effects.
Lichen Planus:
Complete cure and prevention
of this skin condition can be
obtained from our treatment.
Dr. Anish Vaknalli
, MD of HomeoConsult R&D, is a third generation
homeopath, from a family with over 100 years of cumulative
experience in Homeopathy & Homeopathic Pharmaceuticals.
HomeoConsult R&D
is a multispeciality homeopathic centre
offering personalized treatment to patients
experience includes working with children and infants at the
renowned ‘Sharp Memorial Hospital – San Diego, CA’ and the
‘Intensive Care Unit’ and ‘AIDS Research &Treatment Centre’ at the
prestigious ‘UCSDHospital’,
San Diego, CA, USA.
HomeoConsult R&D
primarily specializes in the treatment of
Chronic, Adult & Childhood Diseases
such as conditions
involving the skin, joints and respiratory system. Dr. Anish’s
specialization at HRD does not limit his world of clinical familiarity
and involves Homeopathic Management of Malignancy, Tumors,
AIDS, Cancer and innumerable such ‘Incurable Ailments’. Besides
his clinical successes, Dr. Anish is also a ‘Partner’ and 'Director' in a
company 'NHP India'
Jain Chambers, next to SAGA, opp. Lucky restaurant, S.V
road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 52.
Mon,Tue,Fri: 6-8 pm | Tues to Fri: 11.30-2 pmby appt.
Somaiya chambers, S.V road, Malad west, next to Malad
shopping centre, Opp. Metro Shoes, Mumbai 64.
Mon&Sat: 10.30-2 pm, Wed: 5-8 pm
Noor bldg. opp. Dadar (W) rlwy. stn., next to Samant
Thur &Sat: 6-8 pm
In India (Mumbai) clinics are located at:
Mumbai 50.
Since 1970’s
Take control of your health
BHMS (Bom.) AMRSH (Eng.), ASPT (USA)
HomeoConsult R&D (MD)
Bene f i t s o f D r. Vakna l l i ’s t r eatmen t
Superior quality, standardized medicines are prescribed
Ideal for all age groups which includes children
Has no known side effects or drug interactions
Can be safely taken along with other treatments
Works in curing as well as preventing ailments
Works safely by helping your body recover naturally
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