Adult Male diseases
Homeopathy helps in boosting ones
frequent colds, cough and infections.
, a condition often
labeled as chronic and incurable, is often cured with homeopathic
medicines. Surgery, in most cases of
, has been successfully avoided
while imparting an improved resistance
to external allergens. Children prone to
tooth decay and gum disorders also
benefit as decaying teeth are a common source of infection.
in children resulting from stress, fears, nightmares or lack
of bladder control can be successfully cured.
such as ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder),
stammering, mental retardation, delayed milestones etc are
routinely addressed and treated by us with encouraging results.
such as 'atopic dermatitis' or 'eczema' can be
completely cured in a relatively short time with a long-term
prognosis superior to conventional or allopathic treatment.
'Molluscum contagiosum', a viral, skin disease especially affecting
children can be completely cured too.
Males prone to
as well as
hypertension and diabetes due to stress and
irregular lifestyle benefit considerably. The medicines can slow
down the balding process as well as lower and control the B.P. &
blood sugar in mild to moderate cases. Males prone to
and feeble flow of urine benefit too as homeopathic
medicines have anti-tumor properties which shrink enlarged
up to 8-10 mm in size can be treated
Skin affections
We are of the opinion that children and chronic sufferers should
abstain from unnecessary dosing of conventional medicines
such as steroids, antibiotics etc as they help only temporarily
and play no role in boosting the immune system or resistance.
Children brought up on homeopathy can lead a healthier life by
having a better resistance to illnesses in their adult life.
premature balding
Kidney Stones
and resistance
effectively with the added advantage of minimizing relapses.
Young women with irregular menstrual cycle and hormonal
imbalances can opt for homeopathy. We find
it especially useful in reducing
such as irritability and depression
and curing small to mid-size
, ovarian
and urinary incontinence. Women during
receive considerable relief from the hot flashes, irregular periods
and mood swings; treatment for which is seldom available. Breast
(non-cancerous) called ‘fibroadenoma’ and cysts can be
completely cured non-surgically.
Homeopathy works wonders in some of the following conditions
commonly affecting the skin and hair.
Alopecia Areata & Hair Fall:
Simple male and female hair loss can
be completely stopped in a relatively short period of time. An
autoimmune condition called 'Alopecia Areata' can be cured as
homeopathy helps by correcting the faulty
immune response.
Psoriasis, Eczema & Allergies:
Individuals seeking
a permanent cure for these conditions should
definitely seek homeopathy rather than local creams and steroids
which help only temporarily. Homeopathy can be your final and
ultimate solution as the results are long-lasting and free of any
side effects.
Warts, Corns & Molluscum:
Kindly refrain from surgical excision
or chemical treatment of these growths as they tend to reappear
in no time. Our 25 years of experience shows that these growths
can be permanently cured without any relapses or damaging your
skin. The treatment is highly recommended for children, though
patients in their mid-life are frequently treated too.
Female conditions
Vitiligo or Leucoderma:
If treated early can be cured successfully
or put into remission. You should opt for homeopathy as soon as
possible before the condition progresses as the chances of a
recovery are higher in its initial stages.
Indians as well as those in developed or
developing countries dependant on
artificial and synthetic food stuffs are most
prone to allergies of the
(hives, eczema) and
system (asthma, seasonal colds).
allergens too are
commonly responsible for irregular bowel habits, colic and a
condition called 'Irritable Bowels'. These can be successfully
cured homeopathically as it works on improving the immune
Living a stressful life? Who isn't! But some
handle their daily stress well and some
suffer from its silent backlash in the form
of sleeplessness, anxiety, nervousness,
depression and insecurity in varying
degrees. Homeopathy can soothe your nerves and help you cope
better with any form of emotional setbacks. Children in their
schooling years as well as working adults with job pressures tend
to visit us most for such conditions.
Considering that homeopathy has no
known side-effects, senior citizens should
confidently opt for it as a primary as well as complementary line
of treatment. Joint pains due to arthritis, muscle and nerve pains
or weakness, lack of bladder control, insomnia, early cataract etc
can be treated and relieved successfully.
Allergy relief
Emotions, Sleep & Stress
Senior Citizen Health
“Homeopathy cures a greater percentage of cases than
any other method of treatment. Homeopathy is the
latest and refined method of treating patients
economically and non-violently.”-
Mahatma Gandhi
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