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Why Homeopathy
from HomeoConsult R&D
The science of Homeopathy was originally discovered by a
‘Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’ in the 1800’s. He observed that
substances such as plant extracts, chemicals etc, which can cause human
systemic disturbances in their crude form can also cure those symptoms in
a person when administered in their diluted form. It is similar to what a
does i.e stimulates our healing mechanism to heal thyself. Over
the past 25 years, we at
HomeoConsult R&D
have applied this therapy
and helped thousands at our 3 centres as well as individuals worldwide.
Over the past 25 years and after having treated over 60000 cases, we are
confident of the fact that the natural medicines we use have absolutely
side effects
what so ever. Besides women conditions, infants and children
are routinely treated with Homeopathic medicines at our centres too. Our
medicines are in extremely diluted concentrations not capable of imparting
any adverse effects. They are approved by the
FDA (Food & drug
Administration) and manufactured by ISO & GMP certified companies
HomeoConsult R&D
’s MD is
Dr. Anish Vaknally
, a board certified
Homeopath with over
18 years
of experience in Homeopathy and
Homeopathic Pharmaceuticals. A ‘Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine &
Surgery’ from India (Bombay or Mumbai), Dr. Anish’s experience extends
to working at the prestigious
UCSD Hospital, Sharp Memorial Hospital
and Children’s Hospital in San Diego, California, USA
He is responsible for 3 Clinical centres as well as has a large following of
patients globally. He is also the
Director and Partner in a Homeopathic
company, NHP India, where he is responsible for
research and formulations of new and lesser known remedies. You can
contact him at
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