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A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book. ~ Dr. Anish Vaknalli

  • ACNE
  • Adenoids
  • ADHD
  • Alopecia areata
  • Ankylosing Spondilitis
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Autism
  • Calcaneal Spur
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • Chalazion & Stys
  • Depression

For the past few months, Dr. Anish has been treating me for acute acne and molluscum. I have tried other alternative products and visited numerous doctors, but the bumps would come &go. However with the medicines & topical application prescribed by Dr. Anish the problem was completely solved. I found HomeoConsult's services to be prompt & the people very courteous, well-versed, & helpful. I wish them all the success they deserve and I am very grateful.


I frequently developed big acne during my monthly cycle. After undergoing the treatment the intensity and frequency has dramatically reduced.

Ms. Shweta Case No. D777

My complexion turned dark and erupted with small pimples when I approached my 40th birthday. Thought it was hormonal. I am taking treatment from Dr. Anish for 4 months now. I have seen that my complexion has improved by more than 80% and pimple too have stopped.

Ms. Pallavi Case No. D691

By the fourth month of treatment my child was completely free of his problem and never needed his sprays or allopathic medicines which he was so dependent on.

Mr. Desai

Dr’s treatment helped in preventing surgery and my child’s problem of recurrent colds, snoring, nose block and restless nights is cured.

Mrs. D’Souza M1265

Master A was diagnosed with moderate ADHD with speech delay.
He typically lacked concentration and learning ability, did not recite or repeat anything that was taught and was restless. In this video you can see a significant improvement in not only his sitting tolerance, he has significantly excelled in his academics.

Amazing recovery of a child with ADHD | Age 3 | Treatment duration 6 months

Arpit Real Case 1

Name: Master S. Krishnan | Age: 3.5 years | Diagnosis: ADHD (Moderate)

MY Name is R .Sridhar and I am residing at Tiruchirapalli  (Tamil Nadu). My second son was born during 09/2009. Till 09/2011, i.e. even after completing two years, he has not started his speech like other children of that age. He used to run within the house and he will not listen to what I am telling. He doesn’t have eye contact at all. He will not even watch the television which the children of this age would like to see. The toilet habit was 0% Level. When I took him to the Pediatric specialist at Tiruchirapalli, he found that my son is suffering from ADHD and he needs immediate treatment cum therapy. Fortunately, when I searched for further details of ADHD in web, I came to know that Dr .Anish is giving homeopathic treatment for this problem which as NO SIDE EFFECT. I have also gone through the ‘success’ stories of many children cured by Dr .Anish. Immediately, I contacted Dr .Anis. After submitting the answers to his questionnaire, Dr .Anish had suggested the course of homeopathic drugs. I started giving these drugs as per the dose level suggested by Dr .Anish from 10/2011 onwards to till date Simultaneously, I started sending my son to a Special school situated at tiruchirapalli for other therapies viz, occupational, dance, speech,yoga, etc. Slowly, he started improving his eye-to-eye contact, understanding to the instruction given to him, watching to the things happening around him, etc. Every quarter, I used to send my opinion about the improvement to Dr .Anish. Further, I used to obtain an evolution report about my son from the special school authorities and forward to Dr .Anish. Based on this documents, Dr .Anish is used to alter the drugs according to the need of the child. Now, I am happy because, my son started speaking very well, asking for his need, understanding the Language, etc. Now, he is capable of writing numbers from 1 to 100, A to Z and on his own. He can do small addition like 2+4 and 3+4 etc. The special school authorities have suggested putting him in ‘main stream school‘ from June, 2013 onwards. After consulting Dr .Anish, I have admitted him for LKG and school starts from June, 2013 onwards. I am also continuing the drug to the kid as per the advice of Dr .Anish. I hope my son will be perfectly alright (100%) very soon. I thank Dr .Anish for his moral guidance and supporting the parents with correct advice to overcome this problem. After visualizing the success of Dr .Anish’s homeopathic drugs for ADHD and related problems, I have Suggested some parents to contact Dr .Anish and they have started giving drugs. I once again thank Dr. Anish and pray for his long service to the society.

Master S. Krishnan Case 2: Testimonial from a parent

Dear Dr. Anish Vaknalli, this is regarding my nephew Shiv.... On 9th August 2011 we received the homeopathic medicine sent through you as per our order no.477. We started giving the medicine as suggested by you from 10th August 2011 onwards.

Shiv... has been attending ‘Play group’ at ‘Kid..’ since 4th July 2011. He enjoys going to school. He also has been getting ‘Behavioral Therapy’ from 26th June 2011. Since last few days we have observed that his vocabulary has increased. He repeats a new word as soon as he hears it or even repeats words, when asked to for eg. Zoo, Circus, Cake, Ice-Cream, Auto, Nal (tap), Joker, Kitchen, Lucknow, etc. Now he enjoys watching his surroundings and points out to cow, horse, scooter, rickshaw and other objects which he sees on the road or in a magazine or even on T.V. He recognizes alphabets and numbers. He picks up any magazine or newspaper and at random points out individual alphabets (A-Z) and also numbers ( 1-10). He takes interest in solving puzzles, recognizing pictures of fruits, animals, vegetables, recognizing colours and shapes.

He is now more obedient during ‘work-time’ both at home and during the ‘Behavioral Therapy’. However, since last one week he looks into the eyes of the ‘Behavioral Therapist’ or rather has a proper eye contact with her, when she asks him to repeat words after her. Of course, to make him look into her eyes she holds his chin and makes him listen to a sentence or a phrase, so that he can repeat the same. Now he tries to combine two or three words. Now he does not throw tantrums when asked to repeat a phrase or a sentence. When he is in a good mood he does recite full nursery rhymes - ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, ‘JohnyJohny Yes Papa’ and the song ‘ChandaHaiTu, MeraSurajHaiTu’. He continues to jump while watching ‘commercials’ as though ‘springs’ are attached to his feet. Now he can recognize his relatives and says their names MaaluDidi, Jijaji, ( Brother-in-law) Tauji (Uncle) Taayiji ( Aunty) Buaji, ( Aunty) Phuphaji, (Uncle) Chun-MunDidi. Now he has started enjoying his baths. He does not make fuss while taking medicines.

I look forward to your guidance in this matter. Kindly let us know as to when we should get in touch with you, after this.

Master Shiv.. | Diagnosis: ADHD with Autism traits | Evaluation Method: ATEC (Autism treatment evaluation checklist) Testimonial from a parent

A case of Congenital CMV leading to Mental Retardation and ADHD traits:

My daughter was prematurely born. 3 months after birth she suffered symptoms of CMV infection but unfortunately was not diagnosed for nearly 6 months. In this period doctors injected here with a lot of general antibiotics following which she was transferred to Jaslok hospital where her treatment for CMV began.

As a result of this condition we found her speech and her motor skills were delayed. We consulted a psychiatrist, neurologist and what not. We were very worried for her speech and motor function delay.

One day we watched an interview on Autism and ADHD and Homeopathy by luck. Though my daughter was not diagnosed with ADHD or Autism we knew that homeopathy was very good for conditions with symptoms like them. I went through Dr. Anish Vaknalli’s website and happened to consult him soon after. I am now taking medicines for 2 years for my daughter and during this period she has improved a lot. On starting treatment she started talking, became much calmer and started to focus and concentrate which was absent before. She was very scared of loud voices like crackers, lightening etc. and now she is very much better.

I am very grateful to Dr. Anish Vaknalli and our treatment is still on.

Parent of Miss.. Case no: 998

My nephew has started picking up new words very quickly. Besides repeating words and sentences, he uses short sentences at appropriate time. Earlier was quiet, but now he readily recites poems, songs and says numbers.

Mr. VB

Since last few days we have observed that my son’s vocabulary has increased. He repeats a new word as soon as he hears it or even repeats words. He is now more obedient and does not throw tantrums. Thank you.

Mr. B

I have consulted Dr. Anish for my problem of loss of hair all over the body (Alopecia Totalis) and my daughter’s problem of loss of hair on the scalp (Alopecia Areata). I have tried all types of treatment before and realized that ether there was no improvement or the results temporary. Now, after 4 months, I have regained app. 90% of my hair and my daughter’s scalp patches have completed recovered. Wonderful to see such results especially when no one else offers any hope. Dr. Anish is like family to us and very comforting.

Mr. Bhandari & Daughter

Mr. Bhandari & Daughter Case Ref # 6543 - (Translated)

 have had some old patches of Alopecia Areata for which I am seeking your treatment. Over the past 5 months most of the patches have recovered and new hair has appeared in them. No new patches have appeared. I have tried all types of treatment in the past and do find this treatment much more beneficial and safe.

Ms. G.S Case Ref # 7298

 Dear Doc. I am happy to inform you that my Spondilitis has improved and approximately 80% better. Thanks for the medicines and will email you in a month for my next batch of medicines. Sincerely,

Mrs. Meggy D’Cruz Case Ref # 394

When I approached Dr. Anish Vaknalli I was in severe pain with stiffness of my back and shoulders. Could not walk without support and had restricted movement. After 3 months of treatment I am more than 70% better and have discontinued all my other medications as well.

Mr. Mish Case Ref # 1683M

I am much better and have recovered significantly after 4 months of treatment and do not have severe episodes as before.

Ms. Rehman Case Ref # B 886

Dr. Vaknalli’s treatment has helped me and I am now able to climb stairs painlessly. I was diagnosed with Arthritis of the knees and experienced pain and swelling on exertion. I have been asked to lose some weight which I am currently consulting doctor for. Thanks for all the help.

Mrs. Rajkumar Case Ref # 3533

Mr entire family consults this centre and has high regards for their expertise and treatment. My problem of Arthritiswhich prevented me from doing anything has been cured. I say so as I was unable to walk, climb or even do daily chores even though I was under an Orthopedics treatment. Now, I feel totally free of those problems and very grateful.

Mrs. Nair Case Ref # 7314

I have been advised surgery for the problem I suffer from. However, my treatment here has helped to relieve the constant backache and leg pain which has prevented me from thinking of going under the knife. Thanks. I do plan to continue the treatment for sometime as my problem is quite severe.

Mrs. Mozar case Ref # 1700

The treatment here has relieved me of my chronic neck pain and stiffness in the arms. I was so addicted to pain killers and muscle relaxants that they too had stopped working. I am glad I started this alternative therapy and wish there was more awareness of the same.

Mr. Bernard Case Ref # 347

My child has been under Dr. Vaknalli’s treatment for the past 2 years. When I started the treatment he was 2 years old and suffered from ‘Asthma’. He was on bronchodilators and cough suppressants. He had to be given nebulization every 15 days and was sensitive to anything cold or artificial food stuffs. After treatment he is now free of the above and may occasionally develop a cold or cough for which I am seeking the treatment now. Thanks a ton as he is no more labeled as an ‘Asthmatic’ which bothered me a lot.

Mrs. Shah Case Ref# 1480

My child’s condition has improved considerably. There is a dramatic change in the frequency of his colds and asthma and is now well in control. His ability to tolerate weather and environmental changes was very poor and we now see a change in this too. Having been treated by Dr. Anish in the past, I am pleased to recommend his treatment for the same.

Mrs. Patel Case Ref# 2661

Thanks for treating my son Neel’s asthma. We are pleased with the positive changes seen. He is capable of playing normally and hasn’t had the need for bronchodilators or nebulizer since the past 6 months.

Mother of Neel Case Ref# 3657

I have always suffered from nasal allergy and asthma. Since treatment my problems are in control and do not have the same intensity or frequency as before. The stuffiness in my nose is nearly 90% better and the swelling within (polyps) have reduced in size. I was recommended Dr’s treatment by my friends and very pleased with the results.

Mrs. Poojary Case Ref # 3634

For the past 7 years I have been on numerous drugs for my asthma and Urticaria. The problem use to disappear when I took the medicines (antihistamine & bronchodilators) and reappeared soon after. I was asked to increase the dose as well. That’s when I decided to start Dr. Vaknallys treatment. Soon after starting the medicines my asthma and allergic symptoms have totally disappeared. I do find relief in the Urticaria too and do not need antihistamines like I did before. I am currently only on homeopathic medicines and will continue the same till all my ailments disappear.

P.Rai Case Ref # 604

My asthma has improved significantly since I opted for this treatment and do not require the stronger medicines I did before. I can tolerate weather changes and pollution better than before and do not experience the relapses as I did before the treatment.

Mrs. Sheikh Case Ref # 606

My entire family has been coming to Dr. Vaknalli's clinic for the past 12 years. He treats us for simple cough and colds to complicated problems. My problem of allergic cough and breathlessness which started during summer and from pollution has completely disappeared. I was sensitive to dust and humid weather which is now under control. I no more need the strong medicines prescribed by the specialist and now rely only on homeopathy. Thanks for all your support and patience while treating us.

Mrs. Chedda Case Ref # 2632

Kavya's case and her recovery is the sample of how children improve on starting our treatment. As a child she had already undergone Homeopathic treatment but had lost what was gained after stopping that treatment. Kindly view her mothers testimonial describing her prior to and after our treatment. We sincerely thank her for sharing this video as parents can relate Kavya to their own children and understand what to expect from their treatment at HomeoConsult RD..

Name: Kavya | Diagnosis: Autism | Evaluation Method: ATEC Score (Autism treatment evaluation checklist) Case 2: Satisfactory Recovery

Name: Ameya: Age 6 | Diagnosis: Autism | Evaluation Method: ATEC Score
(Autism treatment evaluation checklist)

(As narrated by the parent)

We were blessed with the birth of our daughter in the year 2000. Being our first child we weren't very aware of the milestones a child goes through and enjoyed all her achievements as they came. In the first 2 years all her milestones such as crawling, teething, walking and feeding habits looked absolutely normal when compared to others. However towards the end of her second year we noticed that our child did not respond to our gestures and seemed a bit aloof or lacked interest in the things around her. Her speech for a 2 year child was fine; however she wasn't picking up new words or lacked the desire to learn new words as other kids of her age did.

By the time she was 3 yrs we started to notice that she preferred to stay aloof, away from social interactions as well as verbal communication with other children. Time went by and our lack of knowledge prevented us from seeking the correct counseling and intervention.

On entering preschool we got our first inclination of the diagnosis as the teachers there began to notice certain patterns and referred us to a therapist. By that time she had pronounced fear of loud, sudden noises such as bursting of crackers, fear of crossing the streets and sudden flashes of light such as while taking photographs. She had a peculiar habit of lifting her skirt repetitively or asking for the same thing aggressively over and over again till she got it. She liked rocking while sitting and could not relate to our emotions of anger in response to her behavior.

Changes on starting treatment

At this stage we were referred to Dr. Anish Vaknalli as our therapist had seen numerous children doing well under his treatment and progressed significantly.

On our first visit, doctor spent close to an hour with us observing her movements and social interactions and asked her entire history, preferences and habits thoroughly. From what I understood about Homeopathy and his specialized approach was that unlike conventional therapies where the same line of treatment is prescribed for a particular condition, here, every child is gauged differently and treated constitutionally.

On starting this line of Homeopathic treatment with Dr. Anish we began to notice changes after the first couple of months which are in the sequence as follows:

The first and most important change we noticed was that our child who till date did not bother to ask for things or share her likings or dislikes began to do so and felt less vulnerable, fearful or shy is what we felt. She lacked eye contact and always looked away while spoken to. Now, she had more confidence and made continuous eye contact which was totally absent prior to this treatment. Though she did well in her school and got good overall grades she lacked the ability to communicate through essay writings and emotions which we felt were changing too. Her repetitive actions reduced by more than 50%, though her fear of loud noises and light flashes took a bit longer to subside, which eventually did significantly.

After 8-11 months of continuous treatment I am glad to say that my daughter (Ameya) is coping much better than she did a year ago with all the new introductions made in her life. Her social interaction has noticeably increased and knows what she wants and asks for it confidently. I am sure in the following months she will be as normal as any other child and encourage parents like me to opt for Homeopathy along with any other therapy they choose.

Father of Ameya (Case number 657, Name changed) Case 3: Significan

Jolene was brought to Dr. Anish with typical signs of Autism such as complete lack of speech and comprehension and was often agitated. In this video you can see a significant reversal in her comprehension as she now recites 5-6 poems, follows commands and is much more receptive as narrated by her parents who have worked relentlessness in supporting our therapy.

Name: Jolene |Age 4 | Diagnosis: Moderate to Severe Autism Case 4: Speech and comprehension in autism

Within 3 months of Dr. Anish’s treatment my child’s has improved more than 70%. His fears and stubbornness have reduced significantly, uses many more words and even sings. He writes with our help, eats on his own, shares things and is even toilet trained. Thank you.

Father of Master Ahs

My nephew has started picking up new words very quickly. Besides repeating words and sentences, he uses short sentences at appropriate time. Earlier was quiet, but now he readily recites poems, songs and says numbers.

Mr. VB

Fighting autism, Thane boy scores 91.2% in SSC board exams

"We have been taking homeopathic treatment from Dr Anish Vaknalli of HomeoConsult R&D for our son  Aditya Rao who has the Autism for the last couple of years. This treatment has been helpful in improving his concentration, and memory in particular. It has also helped to reduce his anxiety and hyperactivity. These factors contributed to his ability to sit through the exam time of three hours each for each subject and do well  in the recent board exam. We are thankful to Dr Anish for the treatment.

Dr Sharada Rao

I have had heel spurs for over 6 years and tried numerous treatments. My pain prevented me from walking and was practically bedridden. I have completed 4 months of treatment here and am now able to walk normally and personally visit Dr. Anish. Even after discontinuing the treatment I haven’t got a relapse and the condition is very much manageable. Thanks a million

Mrs. Singh Case Ref # M888

My problem of sole and heel pain has reduced by 80%. Thank you.

Mrs. Dube Case Ref # D661

I have received a lot of relief in the pain and stiffness in my shoulders (cervical spondylosis) and no more have the numbness and heaviness in the left arm. I am on Dr’s treatment for the past 3 months and do see positive results. Thank you.

Mr. Prajapat

I have been relieved and the pain and stiffness (cervical spondylosis) is well under control. I was asked to undergo surgery for the bony protrusion. However, since I am relieved I am hopeful of a recovery. I do appreciate the help provided and the exercise tips an

Mr. Kavra Case Ref # 5460

My child’s problem is well under control and the appearance of multiple chalazae has stopped. From 4 chalazae there is only one left which too is softening and about to heal. If you want to save your child from surgery I strongly recommend this line of treatment. Sincerely,

Father of Master Rishab Case Ref # 1336

My child’s repeated chalazion has stopped after a course of 4 months. Thanks. I was advised Dr. Vaknalli’s treatment by my Ophthalmologist and am very pleased to have spared my child from the surgery.

Mr. Arshad case Ref# 1684

My child or 10 years had been under Dr. A. Vaknalli’s treatment a few months ago. Though very artistic and brilliant, she was constantly fearful and worried (phobias) when left alone. We found it very difficult to leave her in our absence. Dr’s counseling and his homeopathic medicines has helped her tremendously and she is now much more confident and bold as well. People around us have observed the same too and I do attribute it to the treatment. Thanks.

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